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Netball UK is your one-stop shop for everything Netball. We're the UK's largest independent Netball retailer and that's because we don't just sell products about a sport we've never played or don't care about.

We are as passionate about Netball as you. We play, we coach, we support.

Established in 2000 by netballer Debbie Hallas, all of our employees have a Netball background - from Superleague to local league, and are therefore able to give you the best advice and recommendations. We know your needs so we go the extra mile to source the products you want. Order before 3pm on a weekday and we'll send your order the same day. We stock the majority of what you need in our warehouse and if you contact us - and please do, we love giving personal advice and opinions - you'll be speaking to netballers.

From ASICS to Mizuno, Gilbert to our exclusive Serena Guthrie Range we offer you the largest choice of netball shoes, kit and equipment. Whether you're a beginner or a professional we have everything you could possibly need including the UK's largest selection of netball trainers.

We aim to not just be a Netball shop but a Netball experience.

We give back to the sport we're passionate about, and which we're excited is getting more attention and a bigger following than ever before.

We partner with our local franchise, Manchester Thunder, we sponsor netball clubs and support charities and organisations across the country, and we supply much needed kit and equipment to countries less fortunate than ourselves, such as Malawi and Uganda.

We know that for Netballers, it's not just a sport. For us at Netball UK, it's not just a business.

We're run by Netballers for Netballers. For us, it's not an add on. Netball is our world.

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